Welcome to the online presence of The Midtown Messenger, the premier source of news and information for Central Phoenix and its Midtown Historic Districts. You have probably come to know us via our print edition, published monthly since October 2001 and distributed to over 13,000 homes and businesses in the Central corridor.

The print version will remain pre-eminent, and this online presence of the publication is meant not to replicate it, but to supplement it. Here you will find ancillary resources offered in line with our mission to provide the information citizens need to enjoy the best possible urban experience and to participate in public policy decisions facing our community. For example, we may link to other online resources or, as you'll see by following the links at left, provide supplemental materials on topics covered in the print edition that it would not be practical to publish there.

In addition, this site will provide readers with more opportunity than ever before to interact with The Midtown Messenger and its management. As an example of such an opportunity, clicking on the image at right will take you to our ongoing reader survey. We want to know how you value and perceive us and whether there are different or additional things we could be doing to serve you. Bear in mind, we may not have the resources to immediately act on even the suggestions we agree with. And we maintain a commitment to our core mission of providing local news affecting Midtown with a focus and depth that is not to be found in any other vehicle. However, where and when we can do more that is consistent with that mission, we will.

We acknowledge that the survey asks for some personal--as well as personally identifiable--information. We are asking for the former (household size and composition, income, home value, etc.) so that we may compile aggregate data to demonstrate to advertisers the value of reaching our readership with their message. We ask for the latter so that we may contact you in the future with additional news, information or questions. We pledge that we will not use or share your individual data with any third party, and will not link your personal with your personally identifiable data for any use whatsoever.

We thank the community for its support thus far. And we thank you in advance for your input.

David Tell,
Editor and Publisher


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